Recycle Your Building Materials Prior To Demolition

Murco Recycling Enterprises, Inc. in Chicago, IL has developed a unique process for reducing demolition waste - demolition auctions. Anyone who is involved in teardowns has faced the dilemma of knowing that the building materials have value and it is a shame to simply demolish and dump. Demolition auctions are an effective way to relocate reusable elements for incorporation into other homes. 

Think of demolition auctions as architectural archaeology expeditions. We guide treasure seekers from site to site to unearth phenomenal finds from houses facing extinction.

Buyers at auction get fixtures and building materials for pennies on the dollar. Through demolition auctions, house parts are re-purposed to new owners who incorporate them into their own homes. In a 1-day auction, items such as doors, appliances, kitchen cabinets, etc. are bid on, paid for, and removed before dark. The catch? The buyer bids on items while INTACT. Then it is the buyer’s responsibility to remove their purchases and transport it off the premises. Buyers at auction are in essence, extracting their found treasures from the “dig”.

Sellers make money from their soon to be demo’ed property, also known as the “dig site”. They are paid for the pieces in their houses what would otherwise be hauled off for junk. This eliminates the need to source out buyers or markets for individual elements which can be extremely  time consuming.  Every detail of the process, from insurance, advertising, coordination, is all paid for by Murco Recycling.  By far the most important aspect is that Murco has the market for building materials. 

Why throw out perfectly good materials when there are others who would be willing to pay for it and haul it away? Construction and demolition debris account for roughly 35 percent of the landfill. Reducing your waste stream while providing others to benefit from your unwanted materials makes sense, no matter how you look at it.

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