Who doesn’t prefer new or new-like?

Who doesn’t like a new toy or necessity item like an ipod, TV, car, shoes, game, or forks for the kitchen?

The same can be said for housing.  If given the choice don’t most prefer new or new-like (that means older houses with newer stuff inside i.e. kitchen, baths).

So, if the preference for new things, like houses, is an innate characteristic of people in general, then please let us know what do buyers like about old houses with old amenities - now let’s be fair, renovating an older home doesn’t count,  because, as you know, most of those renovations are really about creating “new” under the auspices of being “old”.

If this is agreeable to the majority, then doesn’t selling a property whose potential is in creating something new or new-like the easiest property type to sell or buy?  In turn, that would make all those homes in the middle of the market the “hard-to-sell” and low-demand housing types.

Does your home (or the one you are marketing) have potential or is it “stuck in the middle”?

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